5727 Williamsburg Way
Durham, NC 27713

Who we are

Headed by world-renowned Dr. Thomas L. Layton, Talk and Total is a team of licensed speech-language pathologists working in and from our clinic located in Durham, NC. We are clinicians, teachers, researchers, and published authors with over 45 years experience.

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What we do

We have a multi-lingual clinic that treats people with communication disorders, specializing in children with genetic disorders like Down syndrome and Autism. We work on location in schools, day cares, private homes, as well as in our center located in Durham, NC.

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How we do it

Play is the brain's way of learning is our motto at Talk and Total. Developed by Dr. Layton, the ELF Program is a treatment program that uses playful interactions to enhance social and communication skills in children.

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This is our Center, located in Durham NC