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社交和沟通问题 唐氏综合症儿童的生长发育程度是家长们经常关心的一个问题。 家长们在关心他们的孩子能否赶上正常儿童的发育进程的同时, 也很想了解他们的孩子跟其他患有唐氏综合症的孩子相比有何相同和不同。为了能回答家长们的这个问题, 我们建立了此唐氏综合症儿童的发育量表。 该量表提供给家长们正常儿童在儿童,幼儿和学龄前儿童的发育情况, 同时也提供了唐氏综合症儿童的发育情况, 以作为参考。

Developmental Scale for Children with Down Syndrome

Editor’s note: The accompanying form can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this post. Social and Communication Issues One of the most frequently asked questions by parents of children with Down syndrome is how their child is doing compared to other children with Down syndrome?  They are curious as to whether their […]