Evaluating Autism in a Chinese Population

Dr. Layton and Dr. Hao have published a research study on a new diagnostic test for autism spectrum disorders called the Clinical Autism Diagnostic Scale (CADS). You can read the full abstract below the break:

Little Jazz Man came to Grady Grasshopper.  He was playing a saxophone.  The music was unusual but calming.  Little Jazz Man asked, “Can you teach me to play the saxophone?”

Introducing Little Jazz Man

Hello friends and family, Some of you are aware that I have written my first children’s book titled, Little Jazz Man. It is about a little cricket who wants to learn how to play a musical instrument.  He goes looking for just the right instrument and meets many interesting critters who play different instruments.

Children with Down Syndrome: Communication Issues

I wanted to share an article I wrote about communication issues among children with Down syndrome. It was originally published in the TDSN Newsletter, and it is available on their web site at This article discusses the speech, hearing, and language behaviors in these young children. It also discusses several intervention approaches that are […]

Communication Disorders in Children with HIV/AIDS

Dr. Layton and Dr. Hao have just published a book chapter on speech and language disorders among children with HIV/AIDS. The chapter, titled Communication Disorders in Children with HIV/AIDS, can be found in Plural Publishing’s HIV/AIDS Related Communication, Hearing, and Swallowing Disorders.