Dr. Hao Assists NCCU in Establishing Relationships with China

We are proud to announce one of Talk and Total’s own staff members, Dr. Grace Hao, has assisted in establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between North Carolina Central University and China’s Beijing Language and Culture University. The MOU builds a partnership between the two universities, with the purpose of creating a Bilingual Speech–Language Pathologist training program.
The goal of the MOU, conducted through NCCU’s School of Education, is summarized in this statement from the official NCCU press release:

The program . . . is a collaboration with both universities that would primarily focus on student and faculty exchanges, joint research and educational training programs, and research contracts. Other areas of collaboration will include a dual degree program, as well as enterprise and entrepreneurial activity.

NCCU’s School of Education Program Director, Sheila Bridges-Bond, had this to say about Dr. Hao:

Dr. Grace Hao . . . has played a critical role in the establishment of the profession of speech-language pathology in China and NCCU’s partnership with the Beijing Language and Culture University.

The Beijing Language and Culture University is one of the only universities in China to offer a degree in Communication Disorders, and recently established a Research Institute for Brain Development and Communication Disorders.

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