Writing an Online Review

Would you like to share your Talk and Total story? You can leave a review on Google+. It isn’t hard to do, just follow the easy steps listed below.
We also have business listings on Yelp, Yahoo!, Citysearch, and Bing Maps.
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Reviewing us with Google+

Step 1

Click the green button below, to open our Google+ page:

Our Google+ Page

Step 2

Once on our Google+ page, click the blue button labeled “WRITE A REVIEW” (as seen in the image below):

This is what the Google+ "Write a Review" button looks like

If you are not logged into your Google account, you will be asked to sign in, or to create a new account.

Step 3

Click on the numbers to give your review a rating from 0 to 3, and type your comments and experiences into the text box (see image below):

This is what the Google+ "Write a Review" window looks like

Need Help?

If you need any help writing your review, you can click on the button for some tips (see image below):

This is what the Google+ "Help" window looks like

Step 4

When you are done writing your review, click on the blue button labeled “PUBLISH”, and you’re done!

This is what the Google+ "Publish" button looks like