Quiz: Down Syndrome I

This is the first of our Talk and Total quizzes on the subject of Down syndrome and how it relates to child development. To browse through all of our quizzes on this topic and others, visit our Quiz Page: Browse our other quizzes.

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  1. Langdon Down, in 1866, coined which of the following terms to describe children with Down syndrome?

    1. Mongoloid
    2. Down’s Syndrome
    3. Down syndrome
    4. Trisomy 21

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  2. Which of the following is not a type of Down syndrome?

    1. Trisomy 21
    2. Mosaic
    3. Translocation
    4. Trisomy 18

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  3. Children with Down syndrome present with a variety of health issues, one common occurrence is congenital heart defects. What percent of children with Down syndrome will need heart surgery?

    1. 20-30%
    2. 30-40%
    3. 40-50%
    4. 50-60%

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  4. Another common health issue in these children is hearing loss. What percent of children with Down syndrome have a hearing loss?

    1. 40-50%
    2. 50-60%
    3. 60-70%
    4. All of the children

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  5. Another common health concern is a gastrointestinal issue known as Celiac disease, which in the general population occurs in 1 in every 3,000 individuals. How often does it occur in individuals with Down syndrome?

    1. 5%
    2. 17%
    3. 29%
    4. 44%

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  6. In 1929 life expectancy for individuals with Down syndrome was 9 years. Today, due to advances in medical care and surgery, life expectancy in individuals with Down syndrome is?

    1. 25 years
    2. 45 years
    3. 60 years
    4. 80 years

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