Quiz: Down Syndrome II

This is the second of our Talk and Total quizzes on the subject of Down syndrome and how it relates to child development. To browse through all of our quizzes on this topic and others, visit our Quiz Page: Browse our other quizzes.

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  1. What is the most frequently-reported concern from parents regarding their child’s development?

    1. Speech intelligibility – not being understood
    2. Motor ability – not being able to run, jump, write, and cut
    3. Behavior – not attending or cooperating, pushing/hitting/biting
    4. Reading – not reading words, poor comprehension

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  2. Whereas first words occur in typically developing children around 10-12 months of age, when do first words begin to occur among children with Down syndrome?

    1. 10-12 months, or the same as typically developing children
    2. 24-30 months, or a year delay
    3. 36-42 months, or two year delay
    4. 48 months, or three year delay

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  3. Sign language is often introduced to young children with Down syndrome to encourage communication. Which of the following is not a reason for introducing sign language?

    1. Children with DS understand language before they speak, and they need a means to communicate
    2. Many signs are iconic, or represent the objects and actions the children are producing
    3. Children with DS have a strength in the visual domain and signing is more visual
    4. Children with DS have hypotonicity (weak muscle control) and cannot shape their hands to make proper signs

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  4. Which of the following is not a strength or positive attribute among children with Down syndrome?

    1. Visual learning
    2. Auditory learning
    3. Social understanding
    4. Reading

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  5. It has been documented that receptive language, or language comprehension, occurs earlier than expressive language in children with Down syndrome. At what age would most children with Down syndrome understand 300 words?

    1. 10 – 12 months
    2. 12 – 24 months
    3. 24 – 30 months
    4. 30 – 36 months

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  6. Apraxia of speech is a common problem among children with Down syndrome. It is estimated to occur in as many as 30% of young children. What is apraxia of speech?

    1. An impairment in speech associated with poor chewing and swallowing
    2. A problem in speech where the person has difficulty planning and coordinating sounds
    3. A problem due directly to oral-motor difficulties and especially tongue tip movements
    4. All of the above

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