Quiz: Autism III

This is the third of our Talk and Total quizzes on the subject of Autism and how it relates to child development. To browse through all of our quizzes on this topic and others, visit our Quiz Page: Browse our other quizzes.

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  1. There are some early milestones (Red Flags) that parents should be aware of in their child’s early development, at age 4 months. Which of the following is not a milestone to be worried about?

    1. Your child does not react to bright colors, movement, and objects
    2. Your child does not turn toward sounds
    3. Your child does not watch people’s faces
    4. Your child does not react to his/her name

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  2. Who was first person to report on ASD?

    1. Dr. Sigmund Freud – 1932
    2. Sir Michael Rutter – 1966
    3. Dr. Hans Asperger – 1944
    4. Dr. Leo Kanner – 1943

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  3. Is there a cure for ASD?

    1. Yes – medication can cure ASD
    2. No – there is no known cure
    3. No – but early intervention can help the child improve communication and social skills
    4. All of the above

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  4. What is the Gold Standard for treatment of ASD?

    1. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    2. Antipsychotic medication
    3. TEACCH
    4. There is no Gold Standard for autism treatment

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  5. Are vaccines to blame for ASD?

    1. Most studies have found no link between vaccines and ASD
    2. There is strong anecdotal evidence showing that vaccines cause ASD
    3. There is no research showing vaccines have an effect on ASD
    4. Research has proven that vaccines cause ASD

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  6. Can a child with ASD attend school?

    1. Schools have a right to prevent students with disruptive behavior from attending school
    2. The Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1990 provides for “free and appropriate” education to your child in a mainstream or special education classroom
    3. No- not without proper authorization by professionals
    4. Yes- but your child may be restricted in a special classroom

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