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Dr. Layton Presents at Autism Speaks International Workshop

Dr. Layton was invited to present at the Autism Speaks international workshop on his, Dr. Hao, and Dr. Zou’s Chinese autism diagnostic test: Clinical Autism Diagnostic Scale. There were more than 50 international professionals invited to the workshop to address the challenges and opportunities to enhance autism research and services worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Continue reading “Dr. Layton Presents at Autism Speaks International Workshop”

Dr. Hao Assists NCCU in Establishing Relationships with China

We are proud to announce one of Talk and Total’s own staff members, Dr. Grace Hao, has assisted in establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between North Carolina Central University and China’s Beijing Language and Culture University. The MOU builds a partnership between the two universities, with the purpose of creating a Bilingual Speech–Language Pathologist training program. Continue reading “Dr. Hao Assists NCCU in Establishing Relationships with China”

Evaluating Autism in a Chinese Population

Dr. Layton and Dr. Hao have published a research study on a new diagnostic test for autism spectrum disorders called the Clinical Autism Diagnostic Scale (CADS). You can read the full abstract below the break: Continue reading “Evaluating Autism in a Chinese Population”

Introducing Little Jazz Man

Hello friends and family,
Some of you are aware that I have written my first children’s book titled, Little Jazz Man.

It is about a little cricket who wants to learn how to play a musical instrument.  He goes looking for just the right instrument and meets many interesting critters who play different instruments. Continue reading “Introducing Little Jazz Man”

What is the Triangle Down Syndrome Network?

You may have read some of Dr. Layton’s Ask the Expert articles we have featured on the ELF Talk section of our website. These articles, such as Ask the Expert: Play and Learning and Ask the Expert: Executive Function and Children with Down Syndrome were originally published in the Triangle Down Syndrome Network’s newsletter. If you were wondering, “What is the Triangle Down Syndrome Network?” then wonder no more . . . Continue reading “What is the Triangle Down Syndrome Network?”

Quiz: Autism III

This is the third of our Talk and Total quizzes on the subject of Autism and how it relates to child development. To browse through all of our quizzes on this topic and others, visit our Quiz Page: Browse our other quizzes.
Continue reading “Quiz: Autism III”